June 25, 2018

Lending Mosaic

Developed by Portfolio Managers

Lending Mosaic (ex-LendingCalc) was built by a group of hedge fund managers that were unsatisfied with existing tools for analyzing and underwriting Marketplace Loans. As the P2P loan space has grown dramatically, the solutions available to institutional investors in this space have lagged in both quality and functionality.

Our Solution

LendingCalc is an intuitive, elegant and inexpensive solution for Institutional investors in Marketplace Loans. Built by Wall St. for Wall St.


LendingCalc aggregates and standardizes data across Marketplace Lending platforms to make it simple for investors to view their portfolio on a single pane of glass.


An intuitive, interactive dashboard allows investors to easily analyze existing portfolios as well as available loans across various Marketplace Lending platforms.


Easily build and deploy customized underwriting algorithms based on actionable insights.

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